Stef with an F on vocals, Brent Lindblad on guitars and Cody Hoffman on Bass, the metal/ alternative band called City of the Weak is about to unleash their full length effort “Pulling Teeth”. With a release date just two days away, June 22, I’m recommending this full length album with both sets of horns in the air. Their sound is quite different from what’s currently on the market….and that’s a good thing. Their sound has elements of some of my favorites but Stef’s vocals stand out amongst the all too few female led bands. City of the Weak can definitely consider themselves a power trio as Stef, Brent and Eric are at the top of their game. If I had to compare them with anyone it would have to be Pop Evil….not that they have the same sound, but that they have the same range….melodic to down right nasty   Their sound has a wide range of appeal.

Although I genuinely enjoyed the whole album, if push came to shove, I’d say my favorite was “Censor This”. I found the subject matter, rhythms and the tightness of the three artists performances to be like a bag of good chips….I went back to listen over and over.  

The album starts with a hearty kick in the chest with the song “Like I Do” and doesn’t let up through the title track. The term “Kick Ass Band” certainly fits City of the Weak and after listening to this album for the past two weeks, I can’t wait to see them live.

The production (Craig Owens) and mixing/engineering(Jordan Disorbo) is flawless and all the tracks are originals written by City of the Weak(with help on “Drag Us Under” by Daniel Wonacott)

My recommendation? Get this album as soon as possible and get out and see them live. I do believe that City of the Weak is a force to be reckoned with and they have the talent to be around for a long time.


Track list:

1. Like I Do

2. Trust nobody

3. Glad You could make It

4. Not This Time

5. Censor This

6. Ungrateful

7. Drag Us Under

8. Drop The Anchor

9. Suffer Like Me

10. Pulling Teeth.


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